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Two Weeks of Rain and Flood in Portugal

The past two weeks have been very wet in the north of Portugal. It has been raining with small intervals almost non-stop but the last three days of heavy rain was that caused the flooding in the Porto and Coimbra regions with the Douro and Mondego rivers bursting their embankment. The following photos were taken on one of my favorite dog walks, where the river Mondego was just a meter away from overflowing.

This photo was taken at the end of December on a bright dry sunny day…


…. and this one on the first non-rainy day of the same river bank … or flood bank….


Some close up photos while walking along the embankment – where I probably should not have been walking…




… and a last one while walking home, into the sunset.


It is going to rain tomorrow again but the week-end promises some more welcomed sunny days.


12 thoughts on “Two Weeks of Rain and Flood in Portugal

  1. Tina

    Interesting to see how much higher the water was after the rain.
    Lovely pictures of the flowing water!

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