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Phoenix or Firebird?

Is the phoenix the same as the firebird! The answer to this question in short: Yes.

Many cultures the phoenix as a mythological figure. Some call it the fire bird but essentially there is very little difference between the two. Some cultures believe that they live for five hundred years, others put this time to a thousand years. What they all agree on though, is that this mythical bird at the end its life cycle creates a fire in which it dies and from the ashes a new baby chick is born. That is why the phoenix or firebird often associated with immortality and regeneration.

The  other characteristic the different cultures agree on is that the bird has a bright plumage in the colours of fire; yellow, orange, red and gold.

And since the phoenix is such an interesting imagination triggering character, I thought it might be a good idea to make a costume of it.

Phoenix or Firebird Costume | BHB Kidstyle

Phoenix or Firebird Costume | BHB Kidstylefirebirdphonixbirdcostumewingcapekids-6

The phoenix costume is already available in the shop.

6 thoughts on “Phoenix or Firebird?

  1. Tina

    Even though I had heard of Phoenix birds before, I now think of Harry Potter. ?
    Lovely costume!

  2. Katerina

    “It is a firebird” came straight to my head when I saw the first picture before reading the title. And it is 🙂
    And your story makes me think I have to find and read the fairytale of the firebird, as I never thought it is the same thing as Pheonix and I do not remember what it is about exactly, since I was very little when I heard it last.

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