Peacock – Peacock Costume

2016 was the year of birds for BHB Kidstyle. I have sold more bird costumes of different species than any other animal costumes. I have also been challenged by customers – or by myself – more often than the previous years. The request for a peacock costume was a challenge from a returning costumer.

I will not bore you with lots of step-by-step photos only a few just to show how I got to the end.

This is how the wings were made…

… and then the tail…

I did not attach the tail and the wings together to make it one whole costume, but it still looked as it was an all in one costume.

In the future, I will only offer the wing cape for sale in the shop, possibly with a mask.


8 thoughts on “Peacock – Peacock Costume

  1. millie

    You really did an amazing work on all your costumes this year but this one!!!! OMG i wish i could be a little girl again, just to wear this one!
    So pretty!!!!!!!

  2. Star of the East

    I think that this one is my favorite cape you’ve made up til now. I see that it is much more work than the others which makes it even more special, I love peacocks!

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