A Lake with a Hole, the Lagoa Comprida – Serra da Estrela

Not many people know about the lake with a hole in it up in the Serra da Estrela, in Portugal.

Just to give you a bit of background, the Serra da Estrela is the highest mountain range in mainland Portugal with its so called 2000 m. I am saying so called because the mountain range itself is 1993 m but there was a big look out tower, the Torre,  built on the top of it and now it is proudly referred to as a 2000 m high mountain range.

A few kilometers from the Torre is the well known Lagoa Comprida (Long Lake) which is part of the Serra da Estrela’s hydroelectric system. It is a popular tourist site in the winter as well as in the summer.

Lago Cumprido, Portugal

There was enough snow for skiing up there in February, which is quite a rare sight in mainland Portugal, and two weeks ago we decided to go and enjoy the cold whiteness. Serradaestrelalagocumpridoportugalbhbkidstyle

By that time the snow has started melting but there was still enough to build a snowman, have a snow ball fight or sniff and check out the interesting smells under the snow.

SerradaestrelalaBarragemdoCovãodos Conchosportugal-6


However, the main reason we went was to see a not very well known site, a lake with a whole. It is approx. a 4 km hike away from the Lagoa Comprida and is quite hidden. So much, that when passing the lake you cannot see the hole from the footpath.

Even though the hole is man made, it is well integrated into its natural surrounding.

SerradaestrelalaBarragemdoCovãodos Conchosportugal

SerradaestrelalaBarragemdoCovãodos Conchosportugal-2

The Dam of Conchos ( Barragem do Covão dos Conchos) is made of concrete and granite and it looks as if the hole was slowly draining the water of the lake. Which, in a way, it really does. The water of the river Neve goes down the hole and through a 1519 m long tunnel it takes it to the Lagoa Comprida.

SerradaestrelalaBarragemdoCovãodos Conchosportugal-4

It is an amazing manmade construction with a beautiful natural sight.

SerradaestrelalaBarragemdoCovãodos Conchosportugal-5

If you come to Portugal and like hiking, it is well worth a visit!



8 thoughts on “A Lake with a Hole, the Lagoa Comprida – Serra da Estrela

  1. Millie

    Yes it absolutely woth a visit!
    Incredible pictures. I always think of Portugal with sun. Looking at those pictures with some snow feels a little strange but in a good way. I would probably think about Portugal even for winter holidays now… 😉

  2. Gina

    Great pictures, I really like the idea to visit the Portugal even in winter.
    Very interesting … the lake with a hole.

  3. Anda

    Omg! This look so awesome! I already start imagining all kinds of movies over there! You know..sci fi movies! Even something with James Bond will make it 😛
    And beautiful landscape, I just love it! It’s on my “places to visit in my life” thing!

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