Ladybird Costume for Babies

Finally, after sitting on the idea for far too long, I got my act together and started designing baby dress up costumes. They are not full costumes – non of mine are – but  …. well, I don’t think they have a proper name but I call them “vest costumes”. The first one in the line is a ladybird costume.


I realize that at first sight they look like bullet proof vests that were made for kids to take away the seriousness of the item, but they are not. – Except if we are talking about little crunched up paper bullets. They give good protection against those..


The costume’s front and back are attached together with elastic bands that give room for growing baby tummies. The shoulder straps can be attached with velcro.


The idea behind these costumes is the same as with all of the others; they are easy to put on and take off and they give lots of room for easy movement…


ladybirdladybugbabycostumekidsdressup-2 ladybirdladybugbabycostumekidsdressup-IG

 … and they can be turned into a full costume with everyday clothes.

ladybirdladybugbabycostumekidsdressup-5 ladybirdladybugbabycostumekidsdressup-6 ladybirdladybugbabycostumekidsdressup-7

This particular little ladybird belongs to Ruby of Paper Whispers and the credit for the photos got to her as well.

The ladybird costume is already already available in the shop.

7 thoughts on “Ladybird Costume for Babies

  1. Tina

    That ladybird is a lovely costume! And such a pretty girl too! 🙂
    What next, a turtle maybe?

  2. Kat

    Just simply love this costume. Beautifully made and toooo cute on this little one ?. And add in the winter a little black hat with two tentacles, this is going to be irresistible not to melt ?

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