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The Evening Grosbeak Bird Costume

Birds are a great inspiration to make costumes. There are some amazing colour variations that just make me want to create a wing cape and possibly a mask.

At the end of last year I set myself up for a challenge to make a bird costume a week. The evening grosbeak was one of them.

The real bird…

Photo: Stunningkingdom.blogpost

… as opposed to the costume…

This beautiful bright bird can be found in North-America and they belong to the finch family. They have very thick strong beaks. The beak of the male is ivory coloured whereas the female’s is light green. They forage in flocks on treetops. In the summer they eat insect larvae and in the winter they eat seeds, fruit, berries and buds.

This bird costume will be soon available in the shop as a set as well as just a wing cape.

Other birds with similar colour combinations are the warblers, goldfinch, great tit or even the oriole. Any of them can be represented with just the wing cape.

Photo credits: stunningkingdom.blogpost and


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