Nautical themed birthday party

Nautical Themed Birthday Party

I must confess, I am not a great fan of big organized birthday parties for children where everything is bought or ordered whether it is party decoration or birthday cake. I am also not very keen on lots of sugary sweets and cakes and I like to offer fruit as an option. – Yes, I know it sounds boring but there is a reason for all this.

First of all, I don’t like big formal or even just formal looking dos, regardless if it is for kids or adults. I like relaxed atmosphere where everybody can be themselves and it does not matter if clothes get mucky and dirty.

Secondly I don’t have a sweet tooth but I love fruit. I like baking but I never in my life managed to make a presentable looking birthday cake. – My latest attempt was christened splodge by my middle-sized one. – The cakes are tasty, they just  don’t look nice.

Why am I saying all this? Because I was helping my friend to get some ideas for a nautical themed birthday party with the help of my Pinterest Boards.

And here it is, my idea of a home-made nautical based birthday party:

Nautical sponge cakeSponge cake filled with jam. Simple, yummy and even I can make it presentable looking with a simple sheet of icing. (Photo and recipe from

Napkin and cutlery for a nautical themed birthday parties

Cutleries wrapped in napkins and tied together with a string with hoop sweets on them. – You can use red or navy blue napkins instead of light  blue if that is your colour scheme.. (Image and idea from The Princess and the Frog.)


If there is food, there has to be drinks as well. Plastic cups are the cheapest and safest to use if there are little ones around. If you can’t get them in the colour you need, just buy the white ones and paint waves on them with a sponge. (Image from Parent Magazine)


Printable paper banners are a good idea for quick and easy decoration and are available in lots of different colours. This one is from Arigigi Pixel.

origami boat

Origami boats in lots of different colours are not only make good decoration but they are also fun to play with if you have a swimming-pool blown up in your garden or even a big bowl filled with water. (Image from Brimful.)

Apple pie pirate ship

I love this apple pie pirate ship. Since it is not a birthday cake, and I can make apple pies. I am confident even I could make it into a presentable state. (Image from Dollar Store Crafts.)

Fruit cups for nautical birthday parties

And finally, refreshing and healthy summer berry fruits in paper cupcake holders. Again, the colour of the cupcakes can be personalized according to the colour theme of the party. (Image from Creative Juice.)


7 thoughts on “Nautical Themed Birthday Party

  1. Nathalie

    OOOh that is at cool theme for a child’s party (or grownup)…I am not big on formal events either (the number of weddings I managed NOT to go to …LOL)
    I love baking cakes…but I don’t like icing at all…a tiny bit here and there is OK, I’d rather use marzipan and tons of whipped cream…

  2. Tina

    Many great ideas here!
    But must confess I am happy that my son has outgrown birthday parties… never liked hosting them.

  3. Gina

    Thank you very much for featuring my striped pennants. Also love another ideas. The pirate apple pie look
    so cool , I’m a big fun of apple pie :))

  4. Ruby - Paper Whispers

    Stunning! I love all the ideas! I am a fruit girl too but I do also enjoy baking…….by that I mean eating stuff hubby bakes lol. This reminds me that I must share my cake bake from the pink wedding!

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