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The Evening Grosbeak Bird Costume

Birds are a great inspiration to make costumes. There are some amazing colour variations that just make me want to ...
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Peacock – Peacock Costume

2016 was the year of birds for BHB Kidstyle. I have sold more bird costumes of different species than any ...
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When out on a Walk as a Butterfly

There are some costumes that can be worn anywhere and any time. This blue butterfly costume for infants is a ...
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The hiding cat

My New Toy

I have a new toy. It is a mobile phone photo editing app that I fell in love with in ...
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Summer Memories

It was at the beginning of the summer when I last had a post so, it is only natural that, ...
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Ladybird Costume for Babies

Finally, after sitting on the idea for far too long, I got my act together and started designing baby dress ...
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Firebird or Phoenix costume for kids | BHB Kidstyle

Phoenix or Firebird?

Is the phoenix the same as the firebird! The answer to this question in short: Yes. Many cultures the phoenix ...
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Nautical themed birthday party

Nautical Themed Birthday Party

I must confess, I am not a great fan of big organized birthday parties for children where everything is bought ...
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Arctic fox dress up mask and tail for kids.

Arctic Fox – Shop Update

Arctic foxes, unfortunately, are not very well known in the kiddy word. They are not featured in popular children stories ...
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Silver breasted broadbill bird costume for kids. | BHB Kidstyle

Silver Breasted Broadbill – Shop Update

I would love to start the title of this post "New in the Shop" but I am afraid it would ...
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Pj Mask Owlette costume for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Mask and wing set. | BHB Kidstyle

PJ Mask Owlette Mask and Cape

Just a quick and short update from the shop. The Owlette wing cape has finally got its well deserved mask ...
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A Lake with a Hole, the Lagoa Comprida – Serra da Estrela

Not many people know about the lake with a hole in it up in the Serra da Estrela, in Portugal ...
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Green parakeet parrot costume for kids. An unusual halloween or carnival costume option for toddlers and pre-schoolers. | BHB Kidstyle

Green Parakeet Parrot Costume and Cape

This green parakeet parrot costume is part of my bird costume collection and the monthly challenge that I set up ...
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Wiggly animal tails | BHB Kidstyle

Teenage Tail Fun – Photoshoot Fun

Different animals use their tails for different things.  It helps some with the balance and others with communication. But what ...
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Little Owlette cape from PJ Mask | BHB Kidstyle

PJ Mask – Owlette and her Wing Cape

If have young children, I am sure you have heard of the PJ Mask by now. For those who don't ...
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Raccoon dress up mask and tail set.

DIY Product Photography Background

In my opinion, modeled photos are the best for product photography . Unfortunately arranging a model is not always possible ...
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Making of a Beaver Costume | BHB Kidstyle

A Beaver is Born …

... not a real one, though. Just a costume. But it will turn into a real one, as soon as someone ...
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Rain and flood in Portugal. The river Mondego in Coimbra | BHB Kidstyle

Two Weeks of Rain and Flood in Portugal

The past two weeks have been very wet in the north of Portugal. It has been raining with small intervals almost ...
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