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A Beaver is Born …

… not a real one, though. Just a costume. But it will turn into a real one, as soon as someone puts this mask and tail on. A REAL BEAVER! Can you imagine?

Choosing the colors were the first thing to do – shades of brown and beige.



Cutting the shape of the head and tail and the facial features were next. – I’ll skip the cutting bit with the pictures. Instead, I bore you a bit with photos of sewing the mask.

beavermasktailcostumekidsanimal-11 beavermasktailcostumekidsanimal-13 beavermasktailcostumekidsanimal-7


Making the scales on the tail was a bit of a tedious work …


… but the result is quite effective.


However, I decided that in the future I will settle for a bit less realistic beaver tail look and will have slightly bigger scales to save some sewing time.

And when everything is done, the beaver mask and tail looks like this.

Beaver mask and tail costume accessory for kids. | BHB Kidstyle

It will be available soon in the shop.



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  1. Tina

    Such a cute beaver! And imagine being able to take down big trees… Anything is possible in pretend play! 🙂

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