Arctic fox dress up mask and tail for kids.

Arctic Fox – Shop Update

Arctic foxes, unfortunately, are not very well known in the kiddy word. They are not featured in popular children stories for kids to get to know them. I think it is a pity because they are clever animals who adapted well for the very harsh arctic climate. They also look much cuter – at least in my opinion – than their rusty orange  relatives. Their ears and muzzle are shorter and their fur is thicker and fluffier. If you visit the National Graphic‘s site, you can read some interesting facts about them, as well as, see some photos.


My arctic fox mask and tail set is not as fluffy as the real animal however, it is white like the winter coat of the fox. In fact, a child who wears the set with a white top and a pair of white leggings, can use the white wall and door as camouflage when trying to get into the cooky jar unnoticed.


The arctic fox mask and tail can be bought in the shop as a set but the mask is also available separately.

The photos for the montage were used from,  and from here.


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