About BHBKidstyle

BHBKidstyle masks and costumes, about meBHB Kidstyle —  or as sometimes my customers call it “the mask and tail shop” – is a one person company that sells hand-made costume accessories for children and for their fun loving parents.

I always believed that children don’t need fancy toys to keep themselves entertained. Simple toys can triger their minds and with the aid of some dressing up accessories, they can build their imaginative world and have endless fun.

According to my experience, in general, young children don’t like dressing and undressing and that is why I rather make mask and tail sets and not full costumes. They are easy to put on and take off even without the help of an adult, and they can be worn with everyday clothes. When designing, I like to keep the masks’ mouth and nose area open. It makes breathing easier and it also means that they don’t  have to be taken off to have a sip of drink or a bite to eat.
BHBKidstyle masks and costumes, about me
I am quite an eco conscious person and use re-purposed plastic bags to fill the animal tails. The masks, as well as the other costume accessories, are made of wool blend felt that is durable and comfortable to wear even for children with sensitive skin.

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